FLIP (Knife Fork Book, 2022)

FLIP is a double feature containing two chapbooks named “She Doesn’t Come Back” and “Send My Love To Ivy”.

  • Review in Rob Mclennan’s blog
  • Feature in Send My Love To Anyone

chapbook (Anstruther Press, 2021)

This is Victoria Mbabazi’s first chapbook, “chapbook”.

Portrait Vignettes (Collusion Books, 2021)

Digital chapbook created with Noor Gatih.

Arsenal Pulp Press, Fall 2022

In Queer Little Nightmares, creatures of myth and folklore seek belonging and intimate connection, cryptids challenge their outcast status, and classic movie monsters explore Athe experience of coming into queerness. The characters in these stories and poems – the Minotaur camouflaged in a crowd of cosplayers, a pubescent werewolf, a Hindu revenant waiting to reunite with her lover, a tender-hearted kaiju, a lagoon creature aching for the swimmers above him, a ghost of Pride past – relish their new sparkle in the spotlight. Pushing against tropes that have historically been used to demonize, the queer creators of this collection instead ask: What does it mean to be (and to love) a monster?

Mawenzi House, 2020

Feel Ways is a breakthrough anthology of works by writers of Scarborough, Ontario. It is inspired by the suburb of Scarborough in Greater Toronto, shedding light on its myths and its many stories set in the diverse immigrant communities that arrived in the 1960s and later. It presents us with a “chorus of emotional reality,” in a community in its most vibrant state. The collection includes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, and an introduction by the editors.

Applebeard Editions, 2019

This collection features 49 flash fictions and prose poems from 34 of Canada’s most exciting authors!